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In 2013, owner Tom Raschke felt something was missing in his life.  After 13 years of working as a government contractor, Tom left his full time job and started Clear Choice.  Since then, he hasn't looked back.  Founding Clear Choice, Tom incorporated his passion of being physically active and re-awoke his interest dealing with people and in exterior cleaning. This last interest began by chance, after his high school crush passed by his neighborhood on the way to her friend's house!


Now after several years of seeing the results of his work and the bright smiles on his customer's faces, Tom knows he made the right decision.  In those years, Clear Choice has served hundreds of customers and has expanded its service line to include a host of home or business exterior enhancements including: window cleaning, pressure washing, deck cleaning and restorations, and roof and gutter cleaning.


With a loyal customer following and competitive pricing, Tom and his crew to strive to impress every customer with high quality, satisfaction-guaranteed results. With Clear Choice and providing people an exceptional service, Tom found that missing piece.  You choosing us is a Clear Choice!

About Clear Choice

Tom Raschke

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Top 16 Reasons To Choose Clear Choice

1.  Clear Choice is phone, text, or e-mail accessible. For you, this means you won't have to wait endlessly for a response or ever have difficulty contacting us.

2.  Clear Choice will work with you to best fit your schedule.  We work 6 days a week for your convenience.

3.  Clear Choice will provide you with a specific arrival time-frame that allows you to be productive with your valuable time rather than wondering when or even if there will even be an arrival.

4.  Clear Choice is  fully licensed and carries a $2,000,000 insurance policy to protect you.  If you hire a business without insurance and there is an incident on your property, you could be sued. 

5.  Clear Choice hires employees who have been prescreened for your peace of mind. We never hire day laborers or those with an unknown background. We don't want these types of folks in our home and neither do you.

6.  Clear Choice is upfront with our pricing.  Based upon your input, we give you an  estimate before arriving.  Once at your home/business we will confirm the range of services and price with you and will not begin our services until you agree.  Clear Choice never uses bait and switch tactics. 

7.  Clear Choice sends a small team that works efficiently to get the job done. No large crew enters inside and overwhelms you in your own home. 

8.  Clear Choice field technicians are easy to communicate with.  Any special instructions you may have will not be lost in translation. 

9.  Clear Choice employees are paid hourly, not by the job.  Our technicians make sure all your needs are satisfied rather than speeding through the job to make a larger commission. 

10.  Clear Choice technicians observe and report issues with your window areas for your peace of mind.   We let you know if anything needs to be addressed. 

11.  Clear Choice uses the most modern technology available.  On most jobs we do not need ladders.  Ladders may dent your gutters or damage your siding, vegetation, etc. Also, we never use a pressure washer for window cleaning. We use professional tools and deliver professional results.

12.  Clear Choice uses only products that are biodegradable and 100% safe for you, your children, pets and vegetation.

13.  Clear Choice accept most forms of payment so you can keep earning those credit card reward points with us. 

14.  Clear Choice has a guarantee unmatched in our industry.  If we can’t resolve an issue to your satisfaction, you will receive your money back.

15.  Clear Choice offers a unique 3-day rain guarantee.  If it rains within 72 hours of your service, at your request, we will return to touch up any affected windows. 

16.  Clear Choice is proud of our top reviews.  We have superior customer reviews, and many repeat customers.  We are committed to maintaining our stellar reputation with the best service for you!

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