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Many Of Our Expert Services

Clear Choice Window Cleaning Services Offered

1. Deck Restoration - Protect and beautify your deck with our premium grade oil based stains. Click here more info

2. Fence Restoration - All wood exposed to the elements should be protected including fencing. Click here more info 

3. Roof Cleaning - Let our proven and safe roof cleaning method make your roof new again. Click here for more info

4. Driveway/Sidewalk Pressure Washing - We leave you a clean driveway and entry way. Click here for more info  

5. Exterior Gutter Brightening - An underrated add-on service that makes a significant boost to your home's curb appeal. 

6. Gutter Debris Removal - This service is no longer offered.

7. Interior/Exterior Window Cleaning - Also included in this service is a wipe down of the sills. Click here for more info

8. Home Siding Soft Washing - A clean and crisp exterior using safe, effective methods. Click here for more info

With our array of services offered there's no question your home will look decades newer! Your satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed. We look forward to showing you why we're the #1 rated business in the area.


To learn of all the top reasons why we are your clear choice and how Clear Choice

started business in Alexandria, Va click Our Story





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