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Deck Restoration

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Our Deck Restoration Uses Premium Quality Stains


The cold winters and hot, humid summers of our area can damage your deck or fence if it is not properly maintained. Wood decks and fences must be cleaned, stained and sealed throughout their lifetime to minimize serious damage such as graying, splintering, cracking, cupping, and rotting. Cleaning your deck and restoring its beauty with maximum protection and longevity is a delicate process and using too much pressure, the wrong type of cleaner or stain/sealant can produce disappointing, short-lived results or even permanent damage. 

Premium Quality Stain=Longevity
Premium Quality Stain=Longevity

Spend a few moments objectively researching and you'll discover brands carried in the well known chain stores being used by many contractors because they are readily available and inexpensive are inferior and prematurely fail well before expectations. Interestingly, brands known for their superior paint products produce some of most poorly rated wood staining products.


We use top wood stain brands for both oil based and water based restorations. These maximize the beauty and longevity of your deck because they address the specific wood needs and the typical climate factors impacting the cellular structure of wood in our geographic area. We assess and determine the precise stain to use for your specific decks needs. Our experience and feedback have demonstrated they have earned our trust.

The Process
The Process

Before we apply sealant and stain, we recommend that your house’s deck is thoroughly cleaned by our delicate yet effective pressure washing process. This will remove any mold, mildew, algae, dirt and/or wood weathering that has accumulated over time. By pressure washing the deck of your home beforehand, you can be guaranteed maximum adhesion of the stain and sealant to the wood.


When sealant and stain are applied, it is crucial that it is done with care and attention to detail. We use an approach that leaves you the professional look you're after.

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Did you know...


The best way for a homeowner to determine if their deck is protected is to sprinkle a few drops of water onto the wood. If the water forms into beads then deck is protected. Otherwise the wood is aborbing the water and is not being protected.

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